Conference Space and Accessibility

All workshop sessions will be held in conference rooms in the UMass Campus Center (which is connected to the UMass Hotel). The conference space is wheelchair accessible and gender-inclusive restrooms will be available for the duration of the conference.

Daily parking in available in the Campus Center parking garage or in one of the many park-and-pay surface lots located around campus.

Campus Center Address: 1 CAMPUS CENTER WAY, Amherst, MA 01003


UMass Campus Map

Campus Accessibility Map 


The various conference rooms and hotel spaces are described in greater detail below. If you have any accessibility requests in addition to the ones listed below, please email to get in touch with our accessibility committee.

Hotel Rooms

There are three wheelchair-accessible rooms held by the conference that can be booked at the same rate as other UMass hotel rooms.

Pictured above is a wheelchair accessible hotel bedroom with a window overlooking campus, framed by tan curtains. There is a hallway roughly 7 feet long and about 4-4.5 feet wide, a bathroom to the left (facing in towards the room) and a full-length mirror on the opposite side. There is one full-sized bed with two 2.5-3 foot aisles on either side; the bed is set up with white and red sheets. On both the left and right sides of the bed, there is a night stand with a small pull-string lamp on it. The left side night stand also has a wire phone on it, a sheet with hotel/campus phone numbers, and a pad of paper, Facing the bed, to the left of the bed is a wall with a closet, closed by two sliding doors roughly 4.5 feet wide total. Pictured to the left of the closet in the wall are a built-in shelf at about 4 feet, and a built-in cupboard at about 2.5 feet with a coffeemaker and cups on top, and a cupboard underneath it.

Also pictured is the bathroom of wheelchair accessible bathroom, with a roll-in shower fitted with horizontal and vertical hand rails, and a detachable showerhead. There is a small 1-inch bump between the main floor of the bathroom and the shower space, which is curtained off. To the right of the shower, there is a sink about 3 feet high and a mirror above it, as well as an adjustable mirror and hairdryer on the wall to the left of the sink.

Main Conference Space

All floors of the UMass Campus Center, the primary conference space, are accessible by a bank of four elevators. Pictured above with the brown wooden floors is the main auditorium for meals and keynote speeches, a large, 76 by 82 foot room, at the front of features a stage backed by a bright red curtain and a podium on stage right. Two set of stairs, leading roughly 3 feet high, frame both sides of the stage. A power lift is available to get on the stage. While seating formations have yet to be solidified, there will be aisles at least 3 feet wide to navigate the space and four foot aisles on either side. Several seats in the front and back rows will also be reserved for people who need easy access to seating. This will be true of workshop rooms as well. Also pictured above is the main lobby area of the conference, which is an open space covered with smooth tile and marked by several cement pillars towards the sides of the space. There are no steps or raised bumps between the lobby and the auditorium, nor from the lobby to the workshop rooms hallway, though the tile does transition to carpet for the latter. There will be more seating made available in the conference lobby area on the days of the conference.

Workshop Rooms

Several conference workshop rooms are pictured above, as well as the escalators and elevator banks that lead down to the first floor of the Campus Center, which is where the auditorium, lobby, and workshop rooms are. The rooms will be set up differently on the days of the conference based on the needs of the workshop presenters, though all rooms should be scent-free and have at least three-foot aisles to navigate the space. At least one wireless microphone will be made available in workshop rooms and the auditorium, and a PA system.

Parking Garage

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